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Today was game day at school! In the morning I really wasn’t feeling it~ I joined in for the game day announcements and did the chants! My 2nd period was alright I don’t think I mentioned but I’m in metal shop class hah yeah it’s a cool class! Then I had 3rd period which is right across the hall and ugh the teacher >.> the only reason I care to go is because I have my best friends in there but he’s really making me hate that class with his freaking yelling! Lunch was nice again we did the game chants and SENIOR chant! Woohoo! Then I had 4th which was simple~
After school came home had some food and took a nap then headed to the first game of the season! At first it was kinda awkward but it was so much fun later! We had a really good game and the owls did their best but I can’t wait for the pep rally’s and the district games! We totally will kick their ass!